Habitat for Hounds

Habitat for Hounds

Help for the Outside Dog

For some dogs, every night is cold and lonely. While many dogs are fortunate enough to live as family members inside the home, many more are not. Oftentimes, man’s best friend is chained outside for life. dogs that are kept apart from their family are more likely to become unhappy, anxious and aggressive. National statistics from the Humane Society of the United States tell us a chained, unaltered dog is most likely to bite as its frustration of being trapped in a lonely environment continues to grow.

Give Them Shelter

When Habitat for Hounds volunteers deliver doghouses to needy animals, we talk with pet owners about the importance of spaying and neutering their animals, the benefits of having a healthy and active companion, and the joy of bringing their pets inside to be a healthy part of the family.

Habitat for Hounds, in affiliation with the Shamrock Pet Foundation, is an all-volunteer group that helps dogs who live outside and have inadequate shelter or none at all. We provide new dog houses and deliver them to animals in need. We invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to Habitat for Hounds. Your gift will provide a needy dog its best chance at having shelter from the elements. You can make your check payable to:

Habitat for Hounds
P.O. Box 24033
Louisville, KY 40224

If you know of a dog who desperately needs shelter or if you would like to donate a doghouse, call us at 585-3220 and leave a message for Habitat for Hounds.

Leading the efforts on behalf of Habitat for Hounds is long-time animal-welfare volunteer, Lynda Akridge. She delivers new doghouses to animals who need them throughout the Kentuckiana area. Without them, many animals would have inadequate housing or none at all.