Brackets for Good – 2018

Shamrock is proud to participate in 2018 Brackets for Good.

Get excited! The Louisville 2018 tournament kicks off on Friday, March 2nd at 8 pm.

What does that mean? That means once the game beings we have one week to raise more money than our opponent in order to advance to the next round and get closer to that $10,000. Shamrock has been set up with a bye in the first round, so get ready to start supporting us as Round 2 begins on Friday, March 9 at 8:00 p.m.

How can you help? Check out how we’re doing throughout the round by following our current match up at, donating to help us beat our competition, and recruiting others to grow our FAN base by sharing why you support Shamrock Pet Foundation with your network!



We’re so grateful for your help; we can’t do this without you on our team.

High Five!

Read Below for More Explanation about Brackets For Good

Q. What is Brackets For Good (aka “BFG”)?
A. Brackets For good is the sport for nonprofits. Inspired by college basketball brackets, Brackets For Good is a charitable, online fundraising tournament where up to 64 hand-selected, local nonprofits with a 501(c)3 status in good standing compete for donations while earning increased awareness along the way. All participating nonprofits have a chance at winning $10,000 unrestricted grant courtesy of the tournament’s presenting sponsor.

Q. How does it work?
A. Picture the annual college basketball tournament in March. Now, replace the teams with nonprofits. Organizations go head-to-head in a single elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournament at During each week-long round donors visit, select the nonprofits they wish to support, and donate money to help them advance to the next round ($1 = 1 Point). At the end of each round the nonprofit with more points advances and the points reset.

Q. Who is Brackets For Good for?
A. Brackets For Good is designed to engage local philanthropists no matter if they are the CEO at a multi-billion dollar company, a director at a small nonprofit, a full-time mom, a local sports fanatic, or a young professional with new found disposable income. Brackets For Good is a platform for activating these like-minded individuals who want to support and continue the good-natured initiatives happening in their community.