Children Involved in Fundraising for Shamrock

Hillary’s Special Birthday Wish

Hillary is much more than a pretty face in a picture. At nine years old this young lady made a very loving decision. In lieu of birthday presents, Hillary asked her friends and family to bring birthday gifts of a different sort – donations for cats and dogs in need.

We feel so blessed that Hillary chose the Shamrock Pet Foundation as her charity to pay forward such a wonderful act of kindness. When Hillary walked into Baxter Avenue Feeders Supply literally bearing gifts, the cats in the condos all perked up. Well, we all know that cats and dogs can spot a kind heart a mile away!

From all of us at the Shamrock Pet Foundation, a huge “Thank you!” to you Hillary. You are a breath of sunshine and an inspiration to all of us.

A birdie mentioned you’d like to be a veterinarian when you grow up. You already have a huge start because you already have a great big heart!

P.S. The cats in the condo wanted to make sure they also gave you a message: “Please come back to visit us whenever you’d like! We’d love to see you again!”

Reilly and Friends Clean House

Reilly is working on a project at school where she wants to learn how to help local animals/animal shelters. Bottom line is time and $$. This weekend we focused on the $$.

Normal kid types of fundraising are hard in the snow, so we did a house clean out…and she did a BIG clean out. We took kids’ clothes, toys and books to local purchasing consigners and she has walked away with $238 marked for Shamrock Foundation, including $14 from store patrons who donated.

Anyone wanting to boost her efforts is welcome…it all helps. Her parents are proud of this little pickle! And Shamrock thanks you for all your hard work!