Lucky Cat Café Announces their Grand Reopening Day on May 29


Friday & Saturday only, 12:00-6:00 pm
(May change once things get back to normal.)

Lucky Cat Café Announces their Grand Reopening
Day – FRIDAY, MAY 29, Noon to 6pm.

They plan to follow the Governor’s guidelines to ensure the utmost safety for volunteers and guests. They will serve all their regular drinks (non-alcoholic) but no bakery items just yet.

For the first 3 weeks, they will have strict guidelines:  Open Fri. & Sat. only, everyone wears masks, 6 visitors at a time, plenty of hand sanitizer, and 6-ft. distance reminders. If all goes well and the state remains open, they will relax our standards as they go along.

They have already introduced new cats, including several cats from Shamrock, and giving them time to get adjusted before guests arrive! Reservations are preferred since number of guests is limited.  Walk-in’s are still welcome, but reservations take priority over walk-ins.

Reservation link:

Do you know someone who is right for Daryl?

Right before Lucky Cat closed in March, they had a flurry of last-minute adoptions. And ALL CATS FOUND HOMES, except Daryl.  He is being fostered by a volunteer and cannot return to Lucky Cat Café.  We want to tell his story in case you know someone who might be the right match for Daryl.

Daryl came to Shamrock a few months ago when we rescued him (and his sister) from a family who was moving. Their pets were not moving with them; we don’t know why.

Daryl (4 yrs. old) is a very timid cat who hides most of the time.  He comes out when no one is around.  He eats well, comes into the room during meal time, loves looking out the window, and is happy to play the red dot game. Daryl sometimes hisses if he is startled by his foster mom, who has not been able to touch him at all, after 2+ months of working with him.  We suspect he endured some kind of trauma before he was rescued.

The good news is that nearly all cats, even one as frightened as Daryl, can learn to trust again.  However, it takes a long time and plenty of patience.  And it has to be done on the cat’s time schedule.

If you know someone who might be the right person to help Daryl become the sweet cat we know is inside him, please contact us at: or (502) 585-3220.

Peace, Love & Meow

Lucky Cat Café & Lounge
2230 Dundee Road
Louisville, KY 40205
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Phone:  (502) 403-5809

Thank you for supporting the only nonprofit cat café in the Southeast U.S.!

–Karla & Gail, Founders

Lucky Cat Café & Lounge is a 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to find permanent homes for homeless and abandoned cats by providing a temporary home until they are adopted. Operated by an all-volunteer team. Donations are tax-deductible.