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OPEN SUNDAY, NOON TO 5PM beginning April 11.

We follow all CDC protocols for safety.  On April 11 we will be open 4 days a week, Thursday thru Sunday, due to Covid limitations. Fewer visitors are allowed inside at a time, so it is best to reserve a spot, so you are guaranteed to get in at the time you want.

Please visit our website before visiting in-purrson.  

Sip Coffee.
Pet Cats.

We have never been so HAPPY to see Spring arrive! Not only for the “beginning of the end of a pandemic” but it is also because Spring means extended time to pet and hang out with cats.

Beginning April 11, we will be open a 4th day: $7 SUNDAY, Noon to 5pm. That’s $7 to spend an hour petting cats – a 42% discount off the regular entry donation. No other discounts given for Sundays – EXCEPT. . . how about free coffee?  See below. We do expect April Sundays to be busy, so we recommend reservations. Walk-ins are welcome if we have room.


Spotlight on Dora and MJ

Here are the cats that were recently rescued by Shamrock volunteers and are available for adoption at Lucky Cat Café:

DORA – The Explorer (5 years old), a pretty gray and white petite kitty with luminous green eyes, is patiently waiting her turn for adoption. Dora was found outside, looking for shelter at an apartment complex where pets aren’t allowed. We think a tenant abandoned her to avoid getting in trouble. That’s not her fault. She gets along with dogs and cats – a real sweetheart. Friendly and enjoys head scratches. Dora has been with us the longest (3 weeks). She is spayed, updated on shots and microchipped. Rescued by Shamrock Foundation.


MJ – Rescued himself! He had been abandoned by his owner in a feral colony. MJ is a pet –  he is NOT feral. Fortunately, that colony has a caretaker who feeds and watches over them. When she came to feed them that night, MJ JUMPED into her car! And THAT is how he rescued himself. Smart cat with good instincts. He is a sweet boy, 1 year old, mostly gray. MJ was turned over to Shamrock Foundation to get checked by a vet, updated on shots and all that, so now he is ready for a furever home where he will never be abandoned. Rescued by Shamrock Foundation.



Dawne Gee Interviews Lucky Cat Café

Dawne Gee, host of WAVE3 Country, played with a kitten during an interview with Tasha, Lucky Cat Café’s board president. Tasha explained what a cat cafe is and how it got started. The appearance was to promote a Donation Drive, organized by Pam from the Highlands-Douglass Neighborhood. In case you missed it, here it is! Just click on



Coffee Anyone?

We are pleased to announce a new coffee partner, Ntaba Coffee Haus.  They are the ONLY coffeeshop in Kentucky that offers 100% African coffee. They even made a unique blend, just for us! LUCKY CAT PURRFECT CUP.

Ntaba’s owners regularly visit farms in 9 countries, including Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya. Why? To ensure top quality and bean processing are done right. Can you say YOUR coffeeshop does that? Three Ntaba locations in Louisville – Four, if you count Lucky Cat Café.

Try it out! Ask for a free cup of Ntaba with any visit in April. Give us your opinion!



If you know someone who is looking for a furry companion, please share our website with them!

Lucky Cat Café believes all cat cafés should be nonprofit, not a business where someone is profiting from cat rescue and adoption.  We appreciate your support of the ONLY nonprofit cat café in the Southeast U.S.

Peace, Love & Meow

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Lucky Cat Café & Lounge is a 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to find permanent homes for homeless and abandoned cats by providing a temporary home until they are adopted. Operated by an all-volunteer team. Donations are tax-deductible.