National Dog Week in September

National Dog Week takes place the fourth week of September. Show your dogs how much you truly appreciate them!

Play with your dog for a few minutes several times a day. Throw the ball, throw a Frisbee, take a walk, play in the sprinkler or in the pool (if your dog likes the water). Your dog will stop playing when the game is over and he wants to go on to something else.

Make sure you have a healthy dog.

  • Is your dog up-to-date with all vaccinations and tags? Check to see if you need a CIV, rabies or other immunizations.
  • Regular veterinary care will be rewarded by giving you and your dog a long life together.
  • Is your dog’s license up-to-date? Making sure your dog is licensed in your county helps support your local animal control agency.
  • Is your dog microchipped? If it gets lost or runs away, that is a good way for any vet or shelter to help locate you and reunite you with your pet.

Toys and treats are a dog’s best friend…other than you, of course! A squeaky toy can keep a dog amused for quite a while…until the squeaker comes out. A furry toy can become a new baby for your dog…but don’t be surprised if your dog actually catches a squirrel or chipmunk outside. They squeak, too! And they are much more exciting than a stuffed toy.

Take some photos for your family photo album.

Host a doggie party with your neighbors and/or friends.

If you do not have a dog and you still want to participate in National Dog Week, here are some other things you can do:

  • Donate money or food to your local shelters or rescue groups.
  • You can also donate money during times of emergency, such as after a hurricane, tornado or earthquake. Ask your local agencies where to send the funds so they can be available to purchase needed items.
  • Invite local veterinarians and groomers to your school to give lectures on proper care.
  • Organize informal dog shows at the local dog park.
  • Adopt a dog from the local pet shelter or rescue group.

Your dog gives you unconditional love and affection. Returning that love takes just a little time out of every day and will help strengthen your bond in unimaginable ways!