Thank You Reese Bayens

Meet Reese Bayens, Eagle Scout

The Bayens family adopted a dog from Shamrock. Reese grew up with him untill he was nine. Then sadly his best friend passed away. Reese, out of all the special projects he could do for his Eagles Scout Badge, he told his parents he wanted to do something that would benefit Shamrock Pet Foundation. So mom Sheri contacted me. I grew more and more excited when it hit home how passionate Reese was to help our animals. It could have not come at a better time. Shamrock presently has saved 20 litters of cats that are with our fosters. All of the critical cases we have taken on from the community and our fantastic shelter. All of our forever fosters we care for till their time here ends. It was an honor for me to meet this young man. To see someone so young,

show such passion to help animals. They had a whole crew there to unload everything that was donated from the wish list they had me provide. Remember Dixie that came to us paralyzed in her back legs? Reese himself donated the balance disc that Dixie will need to keep that core muscle strong for the rest of her life. He told his mom he needed to do this for Dixie.😭 Reese Bayens♥️ You are going to accomplish great things in your life. I know you will keep animal welfare in your heart no matter what path you choose in life. All of Shamrock thanks you for your compassion. For wanting to help. You came into our animals lives when they needed you most. And we are so happy to welcome your entire family to our Shamrock family.