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The Shamrock Pet Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of companion animals through proactive programs such as spay/neuter, public education and adoption options. We are a group of highly committed, unpaid volunteers who have a passion for our mission and its goals.

Featured Adoptions

 . Ellie Mae .
 . Ellie Mae .  . Ellie Mae .  . Ellie Mae .  . Ellie Mae .  . Ellie Mae .  . Ellie Mae .
Lhasa Apso
5 Years Old
16 Pounds
Another Companion Canine Friend equal size or smaller is a must
Fenced in Yard above ground
Requires insulin shots twice
Recently had cataract surgery
Funny, sweet, Delightful and Cuddly
Needs someone who is home a great deal
Older Children or no Children Home
Adoption Fee - $225.00
Rescue Through My Eyes

"Hi my name is Ellie Mae and I am a five year old Lhasa Apso. I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and my backstory. I woke up one morning and was not feeling very well. After a few weeks I noticed I was losing weight and getting weak. I continued to feel bad for the next couple of months. Then something happened and I heard that I was going to live in a new place. I was scared, sick, and did not know what would happen next. I heard the word foster and I did not know what that word meant. When I met my foster mom Patti and she scooped me up in her arms I felt like everything would be OK. She took me straight to her house telling me the whole way that she was going to take good care of me. My new foster mom was worried because I was very thin and stumbled a lot and knew that I needed immediate veterinary care. She contacted the Shamrock Foundation and guess what, they immediately wanted to help. Shamrock quickly got the ball rolling and soon I had an appointment with Elk Creek Animal Hospital. I was so excited to find out why I was feeling so bad. Before my appointment something very bad happened. I woke up one morning and everything was dark even though I had my eyes opened. My foster mom took me outside to go to the bathroom but I could not see her, the grass, or anything else. I could hear her voice but could not see her. My foster mom also noticed something was wrong and helped me inside. She told me I know you are scared but you are loved and we will get through this.

My appointment with Elk Creek Animal Hospital was finally here and I was examined by a very nice lady named Dr. Joni Lindquist. She was very thorough checking me out from head to paw, even testing my blood. Dr. Lindquist came back in the room and from her voice I knew it was bad. I heard the words diabetic and totally blind. I also heard words like insulin, needles and eye drops, all of which I had no idea what that meant or what would happen next. I did know that all of this made my foster mom very upset.

So here is where my real battle begins. To keep me alive and my diabetes under control I began getting daily insulin shots and had to eat special food (yuck). This was very hard on both me and my foster mom, but we did it. I had to make several trips to Elk Creek to check my blood sugar and weight. After two months I noticed I was feeling much better and that was because my diabetes was finally under control. Soon I was healthy enough to begin the best part of my journey which started with a visit to an excellent eye specialist Dr. Jason Clark at Metropolitan Animal Veterinary. I really liked him because he is really nice and talks a lot with my foster mom about my care. He examined my eyes and did some special tests then told my foster mom I was a great candidate for cataract eye surgery. I could not believe that it may be possible for me to see again. When they scheduled my surgery I was very happy but the best was yet to come. When I woke up from surgery and saw Dr. Clark and his assistants that was the happiest day of my life. When my foster mom picked me up I could see her crying; not because she was sad but because she was so happy. When I got home and went outside it was so nice to once again see grass and the birds. I have to wear this silly cone for one more week but I feel like the luckiest dog in the world to have my foster mom and the great people of the Shamrock Foundation. Also I want to thank everyone who donated to the Shamrock Animal Foundation on my behalf. Because of all the wonderful people who cared about me I have the precious gift of my sight."
Adult, Female, Small
 . Emma and Ruby .
 . Emma and Ruby .  . Emma and Ruby .  . Emma and Ruby .  . Emma and Ruby .
Emma and Ruby
CoonhoundSisters (Bonded Pair/Adopt as Pair)
3 and half years old
50 pounds
Visible Fence
SOUTHERN INDIANA: Clarksville, Jeffersonville, New Albany
$300.00 plus 6% Tax for Adoption Fee/For Pair

"I'd Walk a Thousand Miles For You" Emma and Ruby

We guess we'll never know how many miles these sisters walked but they walked and they walked and they walked. And by the time a wonderful woman and her husband found them Emma and Ruby's paws were swollen, red and blistered. We don't even know where they gathered the energy. Their bones could easily be counted. They acted like they'd never eaten a meal in their life. They were terribly neglected physically. Medical complications arose because of their neglect but the Good Samaritan who found these babies hung in with them. And we mean hung in! It isn't always convenient to be a Good Samaritan. A person who sees a pet in need and decides they can't turn their back. But the payoff for the heart well you can't put it into words but you can sure put it into pictures. Look at Emma and Ruby now!
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Bleu .
 . Bleu .  . Bleu .  . Bleu .  . Bleu .
NAME: Bleu
BREED: Pit Bull
GENDER: Female, spayed
AGE: 2-3 years old
WEIGHT: 55 pounds
Good with older children
Local Louisville-area adoptions only/
Southern Indiana: New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville
ADOPTION FEE: $150 plus $9 sales tax

“Think you could feed me smoothies every day in a high chair?”

Bleu was abandoned in a crate on the side of a country road. It was probably the frayed blanket that caught the eye of the kind gentleman and his son. They weren’t looking for a dog, but they knew she needed their help. Turns out Bleu needed their help even more than they anticipated.

Bleu has something called "Megaesophagus." In essence, it means that her food needs to be blended and she needs to eat from a bowl that is elevated – and even better, in a special chair. (A wonderful person is in the process of making that chair and we’ve posted an example. We will be donating it to the family who adopts her.)

Bleu was recently seen by a Shamrock participating veterinarian. The first thing he said was, “This is truly one of the most loving dogs I have ever met!” And she is!

We don’t know about cats and she’s not been around enough dogs for us to know how she handles herself with them, but she loves older kids and she wants to be her human’s shadow. Seriously, she would be the most awesome loving Velcro dog ever.

We asked the vet if Bleu could live a good healthy life, and he felt that with someone knowledgeable who was willing to make some adjustments, she has all the wonderful traits of a great dog. She just needs someone to love her!

And we didn’t even get to that face! Bleu is absolutely stunning! Her fur glistens and her eyes twinkle. We asked the kind gentleman who rescued her, “Does Bleu ever get on the couch or sleep in the bed?” Slowly he replied, “Nope. But she’d sure like to!”

All Shamrock dogs are updated on their immunizations and rabies shots, and have been microchipped. To learn more about Bleu, write to adoptions@shamrockpets.com or go to our website at shamrockpets.com and follow the instructions to fill out and submit an adoption application.

c.c. – 5.19.19

Young, Female, Medium
 . Oreo .
 . Oreo .  . Oreo .  . Oreo .  . Oreo .  . Oreo .  . Oreo .
NAME: Oreo
BREED: Australian Cattle Dog
GENDER: Female, spayed
DOB/AGE: 12.24.16 - 4 years old
FEE: $150 + $9.00 sales tax

If you know anything about cattle dogs, you know they love, love, love to run and can easily get out of a yard.

Oreo loves to play! She is dog friendly, but hates cats. She is a very sweet girl looking for a loving family who wants to go for walks…and go for walks…and then go for walks again!

Oreo is up-to-date on her immunizations and rabies and is microchipped. If you think you could give this sweet little girl a forever home, please go to the ADOPTIONS tab on our website, http://shamrockpets.com/, and download and follow the instructions to fill out an adoption application.
p.f. - 12.24.18 ud 4.13.20

Young, Female, Medium
 . Georgia .
 . Georgia .  . Georgia .  . Georgia .  . Georgia .
NAME: Georgia
BREED: American Pitbull/American Bull Dog
AGE: Approximately 2 Years Old
WEIGHT: 55 Pounds
Good with older Children
Good with Docile Dogs
Fenced-In, Visible Above-Ground Fence Needed
Local Louisville-area adoptions only/
Southern Indiana: New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville
ADOPTION FEE: $150.00 + $9.00 sales tax


When a Good Samaritan took a trip to Georgia she had no idea that the trip home would include a sweet gal (Pitbull Mix) in desperate need. Georgia had been dumped in a known dumping area and most likely had been bred.

Unable to turn her back on this brown eyed beauty, Georgia came home with this new buddy. Georgia had been saved. But it wasn't just food and water and love Georgia needed. Georgia had been neglected and she needed extra vet care. Well, Georgia is feeling tip top and she's ready for her forever home.

Georgia had to undergo emergency surgery for pyrometria (spayed at this time) and she is almost done with her heartworm treatment. She feels brand new and she looks brand new. And now Georgia is ready for YOU.

If you have a big heart and the time to spend with this very devoted young lady, perhaps Georgia will stay on your mind. Having a home with a forever family is what's been on her mind. Georgia would do best either as an only pet or with other docile dogs. Cats are unknown. Older children would seem like a nice fit. Oh...and did we mention she's cuddler? Yep - she's a "Spooner." And if you adopt Georgia she'll be a keeper!!

Contact us at http://shamrockpets.com, click on the ADOPTIONS tab, and follow the directions to download and submit a dog adoption application.
c.c. - 7.5.18

Adult, Female, Medium
 . Vicki & Valeri .
 . Vicki & Valeri .  . Vicki & Valeri .
These sweeties are 8 weeks old and will be available for adoption at the Feeders Supply LaGrange, KY store on Monday May 25th.
Vicki is super sweet, loves to be held and is also very playful.
Valeri has white tips on feet and loves to play, also super sweet and is very inquisitive!

Kerry G is the Adoption volunteer.

Adoption fee is 100 per kitten plus KY tax. Kittens are up to date on shots, wormed, altered and microchipped.
Baby, Female, Medium
 . Kit Kat .
 . Kit Kat .
Posting Date: 5/21/2020

This is Kit Kat!
She is 3 years old. She loves to be petted and is such a sweet cat. Her owner put her along with her sister in the basement because she got 2 dogs. She is a great cat that is in need of a new home.

If you are interested in adopting Kit Kat, contact Barbara Reynolds at 502 802-4032.
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Buddy .
 . Buddy .  . Buddy .
Posting Date: May 7, 2020

This is Buddy and that is exactly what he is, your buddy.
He wants to be with you, sit on your lap, or lay beside you. He wants to be with you where ever you are. He wants to give you kisses.

This sweet boy is such a love bug. He wants to love you and to be loved.

If you are interested in adopting Buddy, contact Barbara Reynolds at 502 802-4032.
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Maxwell .
 . Maxwell .
Posting Date: March 24, 2020

This is Maxwell.

He is 6 years old. He is a very calm, sweet cat. He is a lap cat who loves to be petted. He was left at a house when his owners moved out. He kept trying to get into the house so the new owners asked for help in finding him a great home.

If you are interested in adopting Maxwell, contact Barbara Reynolds at 502 802-4032.
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Darryl .
 . Darryl .

Posting Date: March 16, 2020

This is Darryl.
He is 2 to 3 years old. He is very calm and sweet. He lived with a family that moved and didn't take him with them. Prissy is his sister. He is shy at first but with love and patience will come out of his shell.

Darryl is living at the Lucky Cat Cafe, 2230 Dundee Rd, Louisville, KY. 40205
Check out www.luckycatcafe.org for more information or
contact Shamrock’s Barbara Reynolds at 502 802-4032.

Adult, Male, Medium
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