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Diorio’s Pizza & Pub on Baxter is with Shamrock Foundation.

Here at DiOrio’s we love to support important causes.

And this ☘️ St. Patrick’s Day☘️ we are welcoming the ☘️☘️Shamrock Foundation to the pub from 2-4! Meet some dogs up for adoption on our patio and participate in a raffle of goodies! Not only that, we will be doing a pizza special!

For every $6 one topping pizza slice a $1 will go to the foundation!

If you’re a beer drinker we are going to be carrying Metazoa Wicked Pawesome Hazy IPA.


All reactions:


“I’m Scooby Doo…Some folks call me Scooby or Scoobs for short but one thing you can count is when you call for me I’ll be a coming and a running!” I don’t think we can say enough about this stunning Boxer Mix. OMG – Where do we start…well let’s work on the inside out. Scooby’s heart is sooo big and lovable and welcoming. He’s just so incredibly sweet! Full of Puppy Love!! Ready to explore; play; love, cuddle! Every day an amazing day full of wonderful adventure with Scooby.”

But now at only 9 months old Scooby can’t walk or run without being in increasing pain. There was no way to possibly predict that Scooby had this congenital issue (Hip dysplasia) especially with the subtle onset of symptoms. We’re just so grateful that Chrissie and Kevin (Who dearly love Scooby) felt something was off and for the speedy diagnosis from Dr. Rohleder and quick surgery date.

Scooby will be in great hands this morning with Dr.Rohleder and Staff and with all the well wishes and positive prayers for a speedy recovery Scooby will be up and running in no time. Tonight Brother Samson has been giving Scooby some extra TLC and cuddling extra close. That’s his way of saying…”Brother you’re gonna be just fine!” If you find it in your heart to donate for Scooby’s care, please hit the donate tab at the top of the page