SB21 Passes in Kentucky

Kentucky is no longer at the bottom of the barrel in animal cruelty laws! 

Up until now, in Kentucky (the only state in the USA) it has been against the law for a veterinarian to report animal abuse.  SB21 rectifies this and allows a veterinarian to report without breaking the law.  Passage of this law will go a long way in increasing Kentucky’s low ratings on Animal abuse laws.

SB21 just passed the House, reports Kevin D. Bratcher from the Kentucky State Capitol.  This creates a new section of KRS Chapter 321 to require that a veterinarian report abuse and to allow immunity for a good faith report; amends KRS 321.185 to allow veterinarians to release information in order to report abuse.

This is some good news for Kentucky and our animals! The sponsors of the bill were Senators Embry and McGarvey.  Veterinarians now can report abuse without fear of prosecution or losing their license to practice. Yeah!