A Voice for Companion Pets

Behind the Scenes of the Shamrock Foundation

It started off as a thought; then a prayer. So many companion pets being needlessly killed at our shelters or dying horrific deaths on our streets due to overpopulation. In 1993, the Shamrock Foundation was formed. Our mission then and now; to Spay and Neuter. But the need for our assistance continued to grow and expand. Animals who were abused, neglected and abandoned had few options. Shamrock began a wonderful decades long relationship with compassionate veterinarians. From simple wounds to life-saving surgeries thousands of animals survived and thrived. But all these companion pets needed a place to go. Shamrock’s foster and adoption program was implemented resulting in approximately 600 cat and dog adoptions per year.

Yet still, our community faced another heartbreaking dilemma. Loving owners who faced financial hardships with no means to treat or save their pets were without options. A Financial Aid Program to help low-income, disabled and elderly owners came to fruition. It expanded to good samaritans who wanted to save a life and make a difference but needed our intervention.

We’ve learned over these many years that the best of folks get frustrated. Sometimes they need to vent, get advice or direction. How do I keep my pet? How do I place my pet safely? The Shamrock Hotline and online volunteers have provided years of referrals, assistance and sometimes just someone who truly understood and listened. Providing assistance that allows beloved companion pets to remain with loving families is always our hope.

Shamrock and our dedicated volunteers have chosen to work quietly yet daily behind the scenes to assist pets in need.  We are grateful that through the generosity of our supporters and donors we have been able to assist our local shelters when possible with Spay and Neuter and pull pets who may have otherwise been euthanized due to health issues or overcrowding. We have provided much needed supplies and even equipment to those shelters who exist on a shoestring budget.

Fast forward twenty nine years, our passion today is just as great and our mission to be an advocate for the voiceless is just as strong. We think the greatest rewards are the animals saved and the community we have served.