News from Lucky Cat Café

What is this place?

Sip Coffee.
Pet Cats.

Lucky Cat Café is a cozy adoption center, with a small coffee shop and gift shop, located in a 100-year-old blue house. Lucky Cat Café partners with Shamrock Foundation, which provides many of the cats that live at Lucky Cat Café. Visitors can sip on coffee and snacks while they pet and play with cats. All cats there are adoptable! Opened in 2018.


They ask for an entry donation of $7 to $12, depending on which day you visit. Kids ages 6 and up can go with a parent. Reserve a time or walk-in. Check website for more info.

Spotlight on Shamrock’s Cats

BARDSTOWN – This big boy is 10 years old, very fluffy gray and white. He is an old soul. He has had a rough life and used up a few lives. Nevertheless, he is the most docile and gentle cat we have ever had. Bardstown is a healthy, affectionate lap cat that is ready for a new home.

POWDER – Powder is solid white and super soft, like his name! He is super sweet and loves/gives affection. He was rescued after his owner tossed him outside to live. About 2 years old.

COOKIE & PEPPER Both of these pretty Calicos are friendly, sweet kitties. Cookie (2 yr old) is Pepper’s (1 yr old) mom. They were abandoned in a crate, in a back corner of a local pet store. They are truly affectionate love-bugs. They can be adopted together or separately. One or both will go quickly!



TikTok Video Clip: “Pet all the Cats”


Go visit Lucky Cat Café.

If you know someone who is looking for a furry friend, please share info about Lucky Cat Café. It is truly a unique and welcoming place.

Shamrock and Lucky Cat Café believe ALL cat cafés should be nonprofit, not a business where someone is making money from cat rescue and adoption.  It is the ONLY nonprofit cat café in Kentucky.


Peace, Love & Meow

Karla & Jessica, Cat Café Managers
Lucky Cat Café & Lounge
2230 Dundee Road
Louisville, KY 40205


Lucky Cat Café & Lounge is a 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to find permanent homes for homeless and abandoned cats by providing a temporary home until they are adopted. Run by volunteers. Donations are tax-deductible.