Urgent Needs

URGENT: Shamrock needs your help! Please share!! kitten season is full force and our Shamrock Foundation fosters are at least one litter in each home! Our cabinets are low and are in dire need for wet food and formula! Although we try our best to provide what is needed, it gets quite costly! Please check out our needs on the below Amazon list! Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated!! Venmo link in comments as well!
To put it in perspective, i have a littler of 4 8 weeks old, they started at 2 cans total a day but are now at about 4 a day and that’s mixing in dry food. (In the process of weening from wet to dry)
And that’s just the wet food for 4, doesn’t count litter, dry food, food for the momma, cleaning supplies, etc! 1 was bottle fed for 2.5 weeks, formula is costly! All of our fosters are in the same position! Some have more than 4! Some are bottle feeding whole litters.
Please, anything helps!

Amazon wish list